The Path to Cloud for Innovative Software Vendors

How Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can overcome unique challenges

The reward for overcoming these challenges is well worth it. There are impactful benefits that drive value for your business and customers when adopting a cloud platform:

Accelerated Integration
Software applications are more easily enhanced and integrated with cloud-enabled apps

Optimized Costs
Cloud-based pricing model is more agile, offering new opportunities to increase growth and profits

Scalability & Flexibility
Leverage limitless scale and resources at your own pace

Deliberate Migration
Modernize your infrastructure while optimizing resource utilization

Unified Development
Unified platform to support across development, staging & testing

Financial Options
Optimize CapEx and OpEx with a cloud operating model

Where’s the best place to start?

Strategic Questions

Without cloud features and benefits, can you remain competitive in the market?
What are the benefits of adopting a cloud operating model and what is lost if you don’t?
Can cloud adoption improve growth, increase profit margins, and reduce churn rates?
Can you advance your application features and improve customer experience by integrating with other cloud services and providers?
Can a multi-cloud model be used to effectively reduce complexity and infrastructure resource requirements – increasing AppDev focus and throughput?

Tactical Questions

Are timelines for migration set based on key customer features and benefits along with the right infrastructure optimization plan?
Have you aligned workload requirements with the optimal platform?
Are you leveraging managed and as-a-service solutions to minimize day-to-day infrastructure tasks, optimize costs, and reduce skills gap issues?
Are you aligning workloads to platforms to optimize both budget and resource constraints?
Are you leveraging cross-platform tools to optimize automation, security, administration, and support tasks?

As a full stack cloud service provider, our Cloud Different approach provides solutions that address both short and long-term needs, strategically and tactically. We do so by leveraging VMware technology in order to provide a full cloud operating model across the continuum of on-premises, colocation, enterprise cloud, to hyperscale cloud, and even edge computing. Combined with our white glove migration approach, our cost-effective approach accelerates the value realization on a cloud adoption journey for software vendors.

Expedient facilitates seamless deployment of your application on our cloud, powered by VMware, while also affording you the opportunity to leverage the advantages of a cloud-centric operating model and cost structure. This empowers you to optimize your applications and unlock new levels of value, delivering impactful results.

VMware 3 Ways

The Cloud for Your
Critical Workloads

Expedient Enterprise Cloud solves this conundrum, offering better performance and value for VMware-based workloads than the leading hyperscalers without costly refactoring or retraining.

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Conquer Cloud Complexity

Challenges of Cloud

  • Training existing developers and infrastructure teams on cloud, will take considerable time
  • The number solutions, services, and skills required are unknown
  • Administration and support of of two platforms (traditional and hyperscale cloud), will be expensive
  • Running two environments during migration will require significant investments
  • Proper integration of two platforms during transition is not trivial, especially for the uninitiated
  • With all this complexity, how long will it take to migrate? Time is money!

Solved by Expedient

  • Award-winning managed services with 24x7x365 support, frees up internal resources for training
  • No-fee data-driven assessments to determine right-sized solutions
  • Multi-cloud tools, like cost comparison and automation, keep budgets in check while streamlining services
  • By accelerating your migration, we reduce or eliminate dual platform work efforts
  • Our multi-cloud tools support monitoring, automation, and administration across your IT landscape
  • Our average migration times are measured in months, not years

Reduce Risk.
Cloud Different.

Cloud offers many benefits that can carry your offering into the future. The key is to modernize your infrastructure while enabling your organization to optimize the underlying platform at its own pace! All while adopting the APIs, automation, and agile platform services that empower your IT team, and your business.

Here is how Expedient can help:

Align Resources
Begin building your plan with our no-fee assessments of your existing infrastructure usage, aligning resources, administration, and support to cost-effective solutions

Choose a Familiar Platform
Built on VMware, our cloud is familiar to your team. It provides your applications a cloud platform, while you modernize and integrate new functionality and leverage cloud services, techniques, and applications

Embrace Managed Services
Eliminate infrastructure management and keep-the-lights-on work like maintenance and patching, and take advantage of our 24x7x365 support

Connect Multiple Clouds
Different clouds offer different benefits. Employ Expedient's universal multi-cloud services and cloud on-ramps to providers like Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud

Scale Effectively
Instead of large hardware purchases based on unreliable forecasts and projections, scale incrementally as you grow

Secure Your Whole Environment
The strictest of compliance regulations with the built-in, always-on security features: Data Encryption at Rest, 2FA, Active Directory integrations, and Expedient’s 100% SLA

Remain Compliant

Deploy Kubernetes
With cloud native capabilities built on top of a VMware-based platform, quickly deploy Kubernetes clusters and add or remove nodes

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