Reduce your attack surface
and stop lateral threats

Today enterprises develop and deploy applications in increasingly hybrid or multi-cloud environments, and application access has expanded beyond corporate offices and networks to remote locations across the internet. The corporate data centers, servers, and networks give customers inherent ownership and control-based trusts. However, the cloud or internet needs a Zero Trust security model to meet this requirement.

Key features

Expedient’s Security CTRL with micro-segmentation powered by ColorTokens is based on a Zero Trust platform that secures critical corporate assets. The infrastructure-agnostic platform simplifies and accelerates the enterprise journey to hybrid environments, driving full cloud adoption with a Zero Trust security model. It deploys seamlessly and enables enterprises to visualize and define secure micro-segment boundaries (micro-perimeters) for their application workloads

Powerful Dashboard
Rich, contextual visibility into network flow from largest trend to workload service.

Multi-Cloud Ready
Implemented at the OS level so security policies follow each workload

Controlled Access
Granular network control across your endpoints

Network Visibility
Instantly correlate threat visibility from network flows, processes, vulnerabilities, and user activity.

Dynamic Policies
Apply natural language policies automatically to workload-specific policies across your environments

Built in AI/ML
Effortlessly segment and save time using the deep learning engine, which learns and recommends tags and Zero Trust segments across your hybrid cloud environments.

Compliance Auditing
Accelerate compliance by simplifying audits and reporting on your environment for compliance needs

An Essential Layer of Security

Our platform gives you complete network visibility and cloud workload security based on a Zero Trust platform. Expedient Micro-Segmentation is infrastructure-and network-independent and cloud-delivered to reduce attack surfaces, improve overall security posture, and secure dynamic workloads as they move across multi-cloud environments and data centers.

Implementing Zero Trust Security
Isolate lateral network access at the OS level

Environment Separation
Control server and workload traffic flow across your network by group or individually

Cloud Workload Protection
Infrastructure agnostic platform compatible with multi-cloud environments

Client Spotlight

“We knew that we would get more hands-on assistance and more white glove treatment from Expedient than some of those other larger hyperscale options.”

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