DRaaS for Nutanix

Don't Let Disaster Recovery Complicate Your Nutanix Environment

Given the attention ransomware and corporate outages have received over the past few years, the importance of an organization's response to a disaster has never been more clear. For organizations running a Nutanix environment, configuring, maintaining, and regularly testing a replication environment adds an extra layer of complexity to an already complicated task.

With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for Nutanix, Expedient takes on the burden of that complexity and offers different tiers of recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) to align with your IT resiliency goals. We also provide hands-on expertise that specializes in recovery processes.


Scalable Deployment
Our DRaaS solutions are purpose-built to handle peak loads during outages

AHV Native Disaster Recovery
DRaaS for Nutanix is built for AHV from the start and uses Nutanix Disaster Recovery, ensuring your failovers are smooth and painless without the overhead or maintenance

Tailored Solutions
Match the criticality of your workloads to the RTO and RPO requirements that provide the most value

Co-Managed Options
Choose from a pure infrastructure as a service for maximum control or a fully managed disaster recovery service to minimize the burden of management

Disaster Recovery Testing
Integrate the platform into your application lifecycle without the manual effort.

Recovery That Aligns with Business Criticality

Disaster Recovery as a Service from Expedient is powered by best-of-breed technologies from Nutanix. They allow you to quickly implement a world class disaster recovery solution to protect your mission critical applications with minimal effort required from your in-house technical staff during deployment or ongoing management.

24×7 support. We are here to help you when you need it

Security and Compliance

You get full control over when to perform your testing and failovers

Native monitoring and observability provide you insights in to the state of your applications and infrastructure when you need it.

Cost Effective
Only pay for your real-world environment needs with a predictable monthly cost

Easy-to-Use and Powerful
Single pane of glass management for IaaS platforms and disaster recovery testing and live failover

All Expedient solutions are built with enterprise level high availability in mind and are backed by a full 100 percent SLA

Monitoring dashboards provide visibility and ensure DRaaS solutions meet your business requirements

Resources are dedicated to you, so they begin working as soon as you initiate your failover

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