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While early results from AI technologies have been impressive, the most profound impact from AI for organizations will not come from general purpose tools. Instead, it will be driven by insights found within company data. But that data needs to be formatted for AI, and public AI models carry the potential for data leakage, security risks, and unintended consequences. Add on top of this the proliferation of shadow AI – employees using unauthorized AI tools – and organizations are acting cautiously with regard to responsible data governance requirements or banning AI technologies outright.

Everything you need to deliver better business outcomes with AI

Expedient AI CTRL removes barriers for organizations to implement AI at scale. It allows organizations to empower employees and simplify AI adoption by addressing common challenges such as data integration, an optimized AI vector store, public and private model optionality, and custom application development, along with multi-model chat, offering a clear path for companies to unlock AI's full potential.


Multi-Model Access
Secure, encrypted access to an ever-expanding universe of AI models

Comprehensive API
Expansive program interfaces to build new and integrate AI capabilities into essential business applications

Organizational Observability
Usage and cost info by user, query, and other variables to optimize AI roll out

Enterprise-Grade Security
Single sign-on (SSO) offers ease of access, while role-base access control (RBAC) assures the right people have access to the right tools

AI Vector Store
Vector stores combined with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for real-time data access, fast searches, scalability, and versatile applications

Scalable Compute Resources
On-demand access to computing resources essential for AI model training, allowing for cost-effective scaling

Seamless Data Integration
Real-time data integration from SaaS platforms, databases, and spreadsheets vital for AI models

Edge Computing Capabilities
Reduce latency, decouple AI from public internet access, and enhance real-time AI decision-making

Flexible Hosting Options
Cloud-based or edge-based hosting for AI models based on specific needs 

Responsible Deployment for Reliable Productivity

AI CTRL is designed to secure your information and protect your business, while simplifying and accelerating the AI adoption process and providing the flexibility to meet the specific needs of organizations of every size and stripe. Expedient makes stepping into the AI future secure, simple, and strategically advantageous.

Expedient AI CTRL Services

Expedient AI Secure Gateway Icon

Secure AI Gateway

  • User authentication via existing AD, OAuth or SSO
  • Redirects public AI tools
  • Multi-Model support (public and private)
  • Blocks PII and company specific confidential data
  • Accessed via private UI or API
  • Can connect to your internal data
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Expedient AI Ready Storage (Vector Database) Icon

AI Ready Storage (Vector Database)

  • Indexes and stores embeddings
  • Enables semantic search
  • Provides generative AI models with relevant search results from your data using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Field and document level security with role-based permissions
Expedient AI Data Connector Icon

AI Data Connector

  • Connect to various data sources (database, SaaS, etc.)
  • Copy data from existing sources to AI ready storage
  • Builds data pipelines to automate the access to pertinent data to keep data sources current for AI applications
  • Data transformations can preprocess data into formats suitable for AI
Expedient Private Model Hosting (LLM / ML) Icon

Private Model Hosting (LLM / ML)

  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation or Private Inference
  • Curated hardware and software stack
  • Accessible via a chat interface or API
  • Deployed in the data center or at the edge


Secure Access
Prevent unsanctioned and unauthorized AI use

Easy Adoption
Cost-effectively deliver access to AI for your entire organization and teams through intuitive multi-model chat

Model-agnostic offerings integrate with models that best fit your organization

Real-Time Insights
Dashboards and logging deliver complete visibility to usage across your organization and provide valuable, actionable insights

Expert Guidance
Our AI team helps you start your journey and offers resources to grow

Grow your AI with Expedient’s cutting-edge cloud solutions, robust cybersecurity, and scalable infrastructure

Cost Efficiency
Comprehensive system pricing and configuration removes barriers to entry for organizations of any size

Time Savings
Automate processes and save valuable time with AI efficiencies

Competitive Edge
Establish a framework that lets you build upon your AI capabilities as you grow

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Secure AI Gateway

Step 1 in your roll-out of responsible AI at scale. Secure multi-model, multi-modal chat and application services, with comprehensive observability.

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“A lack of clearly defined use policies may be putting businesses at risk.” Nearly 70% of workers have never received training on using AI tools.

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