How to Avoid the IT Land Mines that Cripple Your Cloud Strategy [Webinar Replay]

The decisions you make today could impact your cloud journey for years to come and you won’t even know it. Take, for instance, a new one-year vendor contract you sign to hold you over until the end of your current hardware lifecycle: by the time you’re migrated to the new platform, you’re not going to want to switch when it ends. Even though you’re only committing one year at a time, you’re stuck in a cycle that won’t end.

Consider reactionary decisions you make because you need to fix something right now, even if it doesn’t fit your long-term strategy. Consider things like over-provisioning, which you’re used to doing in a capex mindset to accommodate for growth but which might sink your cloud budget with unnecessary expenses once you move to an opex model.

Watch as AJ Kuftic, Digital Product Strategist, and the Experts@Expedient discuss how to make tactical decisions that don’t ruin your cloud strategy before you even get started.

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