The Edge Computing Revolution: Unpacking Race Winning Brands' Success with Expedient Edge

October 04, 2023 3 min Read

In today’s tech-driven world, edge computing has moved from being a buzzword to a foundational pillar. With every enterprise yearning for real-time responses and optimal remote work configurations, the edge becomes indispensable. But how does one shift through the noise and find the real game-changer?

Let’s dive into how Race Winning Brands (RWB) made its move with Expedient Edge.

Setting the Stage: The Edge Imperative

According to 451 Research, 89% of organizations link their digital vision directly to their edge computing prowess. But it’s not just about numbers—it’s about tangible business transformation, something RWB can attest to.

Expedient Edge: Not Just Another Edge Solution

Where Expedient Edge truly shines is in its intricate blend of user-centricity and tech sophistication:

  • Always-On Availability: N+1 compute and storage (SSD) ensures continuous operation.
  • Adaptive Deployment: Ready for any environment, from boardrooms to basements.
  • Streamlined Management: Think less about upkeep and more about scaling up.
  • Simplified Installation: Even if you’re not an IT guru, it’s a breeze to setup.
  • Unified Command Center: No more juggling multiple tools or dashboards.
  • Holistic Cloud Integration: Seamlessly bridging on-premises, private clouds, and public clouds.

Zooming In: Race Winning Brands’ Digital Pivot

RWB wasn’t just battling technical challenges; they were facing costly operational hiccups. They needed more than a tool—they needed a strategic shift. With Expedient Edge, RWB unlocked:

  • Revitalized Infrastructure: Replacing outdated hardware elevated system efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Financial Flexibility: A switch to an OpEx model enabled more agile budget allocation and financial planning.
  • Empowered Support: Less downtime, faster resolutions, and a holistic safety net to shield their data assets.

This wasn’t just tech adoption—it was a blueprint for digital resilience.

A Glimpse into the Tech Under the Hood

For our tech enthusiasts and architects, here’s what makes Expedient Edge stand out: It’s a VMware-powered infrastructure that seamlessly dovetails with diverse IT landscapes. The promise? Uninterrupted high availability and performance, even in remote sites, all while negating the need for additional IT support. In a world where every millisecond of latency counts, this is gold.

The Takeaway

RWB’s expedition with Expedient Edge is a testament to the solution’s transformative prowess. But beyond the story, there’s a lesson: in the age of digital, selecting the right edge computing partner is synonymous with charting strong business trajectory with resilient and fully supported edge systems.

For the IT leaders and visionaries out there, Expedient Edge isn’t just an offering; it’s a strategic asset awaiting your exploration.

Jim Gehring Jim Gehring

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