The Power of Multi-Cloud Expertise

August 04, 2021 5 min Read

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Just about every business today recognizes the incredible power of cloud but almost universally fails in grasping the challenges that comes with this journey. This blind spot ultimately leads to failure—Cloud Security Alliance reports that 90% of CIOs have experienced failed or disrupted data migration projects - mostly due to the complexity of moving from on-premises environments to the cloud.

Over time, these failed migration attempts begin to pile up, leaving the company with a disjointed IT estate that’s incapable of supporting the very transformations that are more vital to the future of the business now than ever before.

Rather than continuing this cycle, many businesses are beginning to see the light and turning to cloud experts such as those at Expedient. These experts are skilled in the intricacies of a cloud migration and demand for their services is growing fast—according to Gartner, worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow just over 23% in 2021 to total $332.3 billion.

This expertise is necessary for a variety of reasons that the Expedient team has seen firsthand. One reason is the overarching speed at which cloud solutions are evolving. Today even the most tech-savvy business is challenged to keep up with these changes and creates new waves of confusion for businesses including those which have failed before and cannot afford to do so again.

Translation, the pressure is on to get it right – now. This again is where skilled experts are vital. At Expedient our experts can step into any business and assess its expansive IT estate. This begins with sifting through all the IT elements accumulated over time. This is not an arbitrary exercise. It requires experts steeped with experience in studying workloads, and specifically identifying the unique attributes of each item. This includes understanding workload interdependencies, across applications, services, and solutions.

Once this exercise is complete, teams now have the insight that is vital in determining the ultimate destination of each workload. For our team this will be a multi-cloud world that includes a blend of Microsoft Azure, Expedient Enterprise Cloud especially for VMware workloads, and on-premises.

As these experts introduce business to the multi-cloud world, they do so while ensuring that multiple environments do not introduce new security vulnerabilities, which is one of the top concerns businesses have today when it comes to cloud. At Expedient, our Expedient CTRL – universal multi-cloud services provide an infrastructure that includes centralized, consistent security policy management as well as visibility and control across your entire estate. As a result, it is easy to truly protect the full environment from a single all-encompassing console. It also includes disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) so in the event the business is compromised, systems can be up and running with the push of a button with minimal to no disruption.

Another area where outside experts are vital is managing the complexities of pricing. Like cloud innovation, cloud pricing is complex and constantly changing. So while the Ziff Davis 2021 State of IT Report states that 80% of businesses expect IT budgets to grow or stay steady over the next 12 months, these companies are still under more pressure than ever to control migration, modernization, along with month-to-month costs.

Expedient cloud services experts understand each company’s unique environment and the migration path for each workload, which allows them to address pricing concerns on multiple fronts. For example, they can deliver the migration at significantly lower cost by only moving select workloads and then delivering a predictable monthly cost that remains the same. Next, through our expertise and experience in all that is Azure, we optimize which workflows are put there which frees Azure credits that would have gone to covering migration fees to instead be used for the services that are essential in driving innovation that inturn drives top-line growth.

While the urgency to move into a cloud environment has been mounting for years, it ascended to new levels over the past year. As businesses look to begin the journey or accelerate their transformation journey, they cannot afford to navigate this new realm without the guidance of experts who can help them avoid costly setbacks. A complimentary assessment from Expedient will help you determine what to migrate, what to modernize, and what to maintain on-premises, all while maintaining security and keeping costs under control.

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