Hyperscale or Enterprise - Which Cloud is Best for Your Business?

July 18, 2019 1 min Read

The cloud provider landscape is complex and constantly evolving. To meet the performance demands of legacy compute workloads and to control cloud costs, many businesses are opting for hosted enterprise clouds instead of the mainstream hyperscale options provided by AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. During our recent webinar, I was joined by Carl Brooks, Analyst with 451 research, to discuss several key topics shaping enterprise cloud transformation, including:

  • Cloud adoption trends
  • The drivers of workload placement across various cloud venues
  • The common challenges enterprises face during cloud transformation
  • The differences between hyperscale clouds and enterprise clouds, and the impact these characteristics have on application performance and cloud cost control
  • A recent cloud benchmark report that compared Expedient Enterprise Cloud with clouds from AWS, Azure and Rackspace

Watch the full replay of the webinar now:

AJ Kuftic AJ Kuftic

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