How Expedient Meets Interactive Blue’s Need for Upgraded Technology

October 06, 2016 2 min Read

Desired Business Outcome

Interactive Blue, the creator of Blue, a content and knowledge management tool and customer relationship management application (CRM) used primarily by Better Business Bureaus (BBB) across the country, needs to stay up-to-date with the latest technology because it processes large amounts of data through Blue. Knowing that Expedient partners with Intel to maintain a high level of performance for its cloud platforms was beneficial to Interactive Blue as it knew that partnership would have advantages for it and the Better Business Bureaus over time.

“The whole point of moving to a virtual, cloud-based situation is that we’re not going to fall behind,” explains Bill O’Neil, Chief Technology Officer for Interactive Blue. “And having someone who is continually updating and continually staying on top of (new hardware) means that I don’t have to, and we can benefit from that as we move forward.”

For more information on how Expedient helped Interactive Blue establish its own independent, scalable architecture to meet the demands of its customers, read the full case study.

As Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Rosenson is responsible for overseeing organizational functions that drive growth at Expedient. Jon additionally acts as an external spokesperson conveying the Expedient story. Follow him on Twitter.

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