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Win the Raceto the CloudRealize the full potential of a multi-cloud approach with Expedient and Microsoft AzureOrganizations are racing to the cloud at a record pace. To navigate the complexities involved, they need to realize the full potential of a multi-cloud approach and determine the optimal mix of on-premises, Enterprise cloud, and Azure for the spectrum of Microsoft and VMware-based workloads amassed over decades.CHECK CLOUDSECURITY BREACHENTERPRISECLOUDCO-LOCATEDDATA SERVICESON-PREMISESAZUREBy 2022, over 90% of enterprises will be relying on a hybrid cloud solutions model(IDC)Turbocharge your Transformation with Expedient and AzureOvercome common challenges and accelerate your cloud journeyLess ComplexIt's not about going all-in on a single cloud, it's about taking a multi-cloud operational approach and finding the right cloud for the workload or application across your diverse IT landscape, whether that's on Expedient Enterprise Cloud, Azure, or other cloud platforms. Expedient delivers:Premier multi-cloud capabilities across on-prem, colocation, enterprise, hybrid, and hyperscale cloud platforms Streamlined operations, continuous optimization, and cost visibilityProven methods for determining the best execution infrastructure for each workload with less trial and errorColocation capabilities to handle systems that are incongruous to typical cloud platforms74% of businesses cite complexity as the biggest challenge to taking a multi-cloud approach(TechRepublic)LEARN MOREMore PredictableExpedient accelerates your digital transformation while supercharging cloud performance per dollar spent. Complimentary upfront assessments to identify optimal cloud and sizing Predictable pricing model withpay-as-you-grow scalability forcost controlSmarter cost comparisons informdecisions about run rates, optimalenvironments, and budget allocations 41% of companies say they adopted multi-cloud for cost savings/optimization(IDG)LEARN MOREBetter Performance and Optimized SpendingPair Expedient Enterprise Cloud for steady-state workloads and Azure for innovation-driven workloads to realize best-in-class capabilities to improve performance while reducing costs.Continuously monitor workloads and suggest adjustments to infrastructure to remove bottlenecksAccess U.S.-based Expert Practitioners on-demandApply Azure credits to services like AI/ML, Big Data and serverless workloads instead of existing VMsLeverage Azure's scale and global footprintUse Azure for seasonal workloads and only pay for what you useExpedient outperforms industry leading clouds by 30-60%(Cloud Spectator)Complete SecurityExpedient manages the complexity of your technology stack, alleviating consternation around security in your multi-cloud environment.Curated technology stack with centralized policy managementConsistent intent-based policies applied across cloud platforms with unified visibility and controlProven disaster recovery/business continuity solutions to help protect against costly ransomware and security attacksRansomware attacks are up 150% over the last year with the amount paid by the victims increased by 300% (HBR)LEARN MORESteer Clear of Security Hazards and AttacksIt's not a matter of if, but when an attack will occur, and with your existing staff, expertise, and budget, it may be hard to keep up. You need to ensure your critical applications are protected and available when you need them while avoiding over-subscribed resources and unexpected fees in the event of a failure. Expedient's multi-cloud approach delivers a cost-effective suite of security solutions that helps you deploy the optimal selection of Azure applications on the cloud while freeing up funds for further cloud investments. Expedient outperformed industry leading clouds by 30-60% noting a 30% savings in production and 60% cost savings with disaster recovery.40% of companies adopted a multi-cloud approach to improve disaster recovery/business continuity(IDG)Expedient will speed you across the finish line with a well-planned multi-cloud migration, supported by the right team.Accelerate your Transformationwith Expedient & Azure.Better Together!ExpedientAzureVMware-based Enterprise Cloud delivered across multi-tenant or private cloud configurationsOperations-centric IaaS capabilitiesIdeal for steady-state operational core systems running in a VMware environment, optimized for cost, performance, and reliability No data transfer/egress fees100% uptime SLA for Expedient workload locationsUniversal multi-cloud services to manage security cost, operations and automationBroadly leveraged Azure AD solutionDeveloper-centric PaaS capabilitiesIdeal for preferred languages (.NET/.NET Core) environments (SQL Server), end-user tools (Office, TEAMS, etc.)Emerging capabilities like AI, ML, IoTIdeal for your cutting-edge digital transformation experiencesDesigned to support global footprint or expansionFINISHReady to accelerate your cloud journey?LET'S GO!